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FitVine Wine Athlete - Rachel Martinez

Rachel has been a competitive athlete since the age of 6. She started her gymnastics career at an early age and carried it through to Maryland University until her 2007 graduation. 2011 she discovered CrossFit and stormed the scene with an immediate impact. In the last few years, she has been racking up the accolades with multiple trips to The CrossFit Games as both an individual and team member. Rachel has built upon that in becoming a professional GRID athlete with the New York Rhinos.

Don’t let her small stature deceive you, she may be one of the smaller athletes physically on the floor, but what she gives up in size, she more than makes up with heart and determination. You will not find a fiercer competitor and she’s bringing that drive back to the NorthEast Regionals this year with her eyes set on a return trip to the CrossFit Games with her teammates from CrossFit New England.