My Favorite Way to Unwin(e)d with FitVine - Stacy Dempsey

My Favorite Way to Unwin(e)d with FitVine - Stacy Dempsey

This post is sponsored by FitVine, however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own. If you know me, you know that I love my #WineWednesdays and at-home (or virtual) happy hours with 

friends! There's nothing better than a nice glass of wine with dinner to help me unwind at the end of the day or a couple of glasses shared over a cheese and fruit board with my girlfriends. That's where my go- to, FitVine, comes in. FitVine makes a variety of ten different delicious wines that are all perfect for those who are active, have dietary restrictions, or are just looking for a better way to fit wine into their life, so basically everyone!

All FitVine wines have less sugars, carbs, and calories than traditional wines. They're also all keto, paleo, and vegan friendly as well as gluten-free and non-GMO. So what does that mean for taste and ABV? Absolutely nothing! They all have a full-bodied, delicious flavor and the alcohol content you'd expect from standard wine. A few other great things I love about FitVine are that their wines have no flavor additives and fewer tannins. It honestly doesn't get any better than FitVine in my opinion!

One of my favorite blends is FitVine's Pinot Noir which has just 0.03g of sugar, 3.7g of carbs, and a 13.9% ABV per 5 oz glass. It's super smooth and well balanced with hints of black cherries and honey, and it's the perfect compliment to your favorite cheese board or at-home happy hour! I picked it up right from my local Walmart, but you can find it at Publix, and Whole Foods as well, or you can find a store near you here.

I'm also a huge fan of FitVine's Cabernet Sauvignon. It has just 0.06g of sugar, 3.9g of carbs, and a 14.1% ABV per 5 oz glass. I picked it up at my local Whole Foods when I was grabbing all of the ingredients for this flavor-packed one-pan dinner, and it couldn't have paired better!

One-Pan Baked Salmon, Potatoes, and Mushrooms Recipe:
(Serves 2)
1. Pour yourself a glass of FitVine Cabernet Sauvignon to enjoy while you prep and cook your dinner.
2. Quarter 8-10 baby potatoes, toss them with avocado oil, sea salt, pepper, rosemary, and thyme, and bake on a baking sheet in a preheated 425 degree oven for 10-15 minutes.
3. Season two salmon fillets with seafood seasoning or the seasonings of your choosing (sea salt and pepper work perfectly fine).
4. Slice 8-10 Baby Bella mushrooms, and toss them with avocado oil, sea salt, pepper, rosemary, and thyme as well.
5. Add the salmon fillets and mushrooms to the same baking sheet, and continue to cook for an additional 10-12 minutes until the fish is cooked through.
6. Serve with your favorite fresh greens, tomatoes, and/or other veggies and a nice glass of FitVine Cabernet Sauvignon, and enjoy! That Cabernet-mushroom combo is perfection, trust me!

You truly can't go wrong with any of FitVine's wines. Some of my other favorites are their Sauvignon Blanc and Rose, and I love to make a nice, light mimosa with their Prosecco. There's really a FitVine wine for everyone! I usually pick mine up at my local Whole Foods or Walmart, and they're also available at Publix. You can use this store locator to find the closest retailer near you. Let me know which wine you try first and which is your favorite in the comments below!