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About Us

How Did FitVine Come About?
FitVine Wine was born when three friends discovered that they could make amazing wines that also fit their healthy lifestyles. Our team is always active, whether we’re doing CrossFit, cycling, running, skiing, paddle boarding, or just enjoying the outdoors. We set about combining our love for wine and fitness with an ethic for sustainability. Our proprietary process delivers high-quality wine rich in antioxidants, lower carbs & sulfites, and with zero residual sugar.


Our Fermentation Process
To create wines that are both clean and rich in flavor and mouthfeel, we put our wines thorough malolactic fermentation and perform dry fermentation with no residual sugar levels. In doing this, our wines tend to have 1/3 less calories and carbohydrates than typical wines. Per 5oz glass, both the Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc have 90 calories & 3g of carbohydrates at 13.4% alcohol. The Cabernet & Pinot Noir have 95 calories at 13.9% alcohol. The remaining sugar is that which is naturally found in the alcohol which is less than 1.5g per liter.  Furthermore our fermentation process is extended 10-15 days in order to enhance the wine’s antioxidants and optimize its pH levels. Our proprietary process allows us to extract more color and tannins. Finally we filter all of our wines with both diatomaceous earth and micron pads. 
Our wines contain about 1/3 the sulfites of typical wines. Many wines have sulfite levels of 75 to 150 ppm (parts per million), but FitVine wines are at 35 ppm. Additionally, at primary fermentation, the SO2 (sulfur dioxide) content is kept at a low level.  





Our Grapes
We are very picky when selecting our grapes.  We choose only the highest quality grapes from small farmers who focus on quality, not quantity. Grown at a high altitude, our grapes are proven to naturally yield higher concentrations of beneficial compounds such as resveratrol, polyphenols, and proanthocyanidins. These compounds are thought to have antioxidant properties, protecting the body against the kind of damage that is linked to an increased risk for cancer and heart disease. Independent testing shows FitVine wines have up to 10x higher levels of resveratrol than other wines.

What Does All This Mean
It means that we take the extra time and effort to create wines that are clean and you can take comfort in knowing exactly what you are and are not putting in your body. This is the way that wine is meant to be made: without all the additives, sugars, and impurities that can wreak havoc on our bodies. And the results are in that our wines can have all the flavor, mouthfeel and alcohol as "regular wine".  We have received high marks from customers and reviewers, whom are thrilled to find healthy wines that taste great.