Wine 101: How to Store Wine?

Wine 101: How to Store Wine?

You are not a master sommelier and you have questions about wine that you think are “silly” to ask. Trust us, it’s okay. When we started FitVine Wine we didn’t know everything about wine, but we were determined to craft delicious wines for active individuals and find expert answers to our questions.

Below we address three of the most commonly asked questions about wine storage. So pour yourself a big glass of wine and get ready to learn!

What’s the best way to store unopened wine?

You picked up a few bottles of wine from the store or perhaps you created your own case and are wondering what’s the best way to store it. First of all, it’s important to know that not all wines benefit from long-term aging. In fact most wines, including FitVine, should be enjoyed within 3-5 years. Our general guide for storing wine includes:

  • Maintain a consistent temperature ideally between 55°F  – 65°F. As long as you drink the wine within 3-5 years of the vintage year, you don’t need to worry if the temperature varies slightly from this range.
  • Store in a dark location like a cabinet or closet.
  • Store corked bottles of wine on their sides. When corked bottles are stored upright, the corks can dry out and eventually allow air to come in contact with the wine.

What temperature should wine be served at?

The smell and taste of wine is impacted by temperature. But following our suggestions will serve you and guests well:

  • Sparkling wines should be served ice cold at approximately 40°F  – 50°F. Try placing a bottle of Prosecco in the freezer about an hour before you plan on cheersing. (Just make sure you don’t forget about it, because then you might really be “popping the bubbly!”)
  • White wine and Rosé are best served chilled around 50°F  – 60°F. If you’re planning on Rosé-ing all day or enjoying an ultimate Pinot Grigio chill out moment, keep a bottle in the fridge for several hours or if you’re in a pinch, chill in the freezer for 30 minutes.
  • While many people think red wine should be sipped at room temperature, the ideal temperature is slightly chilled at 60°F – 70°F. For Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Red Blends, we recommend chilling for one hour in the fridge before pouring a glass.

How long does wine last once it’s opened?

This answer depends on the type of wine and how you store it. For example, sparkling wines lose carbonation shortly after being opened while a properly stored white wine is drinkable for 5-7 days. A simple vacuum wine pump and stopper kit is a small investment that will make storing open wine all the more easier. Reference our wine storage chart below: