FitVine Wine Athlete - Kristen Graham

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October 21, 2017

Kristen Graham is a former collegiate soccer player turned CrossFit Athlete. She was drafted into the NPGL by the Baltimore Anthem as a utility player. Most recently crossing over into Strongman her love is in competition. Kristen is also a part owner in CrossFit Toms River and runs a Nutrition Consulting business (KGrahamSFB, LLC). A girl that lives in the “can’t stop, won’t stop” lifestyle.

 “If you stop learning you start failing” is what Kristen preaches to her clients and other aspiring athletes. She is constantly growing and learning and loving every second of it. As a mom, she believes it is important for her daughter to see her train hard and fail because getting back up and trying again is necessary for all people to see and do, both young and old.

Kristen has won many CrossFit Competitions, and has been on the CrossFit Games Regional Stage both as in individual (2014) and on a team (Coliseum Strength, 2017). To close out 2017 she entered her first Strongman Competition “Battle of the Belles” and took 2nd place overall to win her a bid to Nationals in Las Vegas, NV.

This new sport has her committed in a new style of training while she continues to use CrossFit in the offseason as a method of conditioning. We are excited to see where her competitive journey takes her.

FitVine Wine AthleteKristen Graham