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October 26, 2017

Tom Holland, MS, CSCS, CISSN is an internationally-recognized exercise physiologist, certified sports nutritionist, freelance writer, and elite endurance athlete. He is the author of “Beat the Gym”, “The Marathon Method”, “The 12-Week Triathlete” and “Swim, Bike Run, Eat! The Complete Guide to Fueling Your Triathlon”. He has hosted numerous best-selling fitness DVDs including “Supreme 90 Day”, “The Abs Diet Workout” and “Herbalife 24 Fit”. Tom’s workouts and fitness articles have been published in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, SELF, Women’s Health, Oxygen, Men’s Journal, Fitness, Time, The New York Times, Runner’s World, Triathlete, Inside Triathlon and many more. Holland is an elite endurance athlete with 25 Ironman triathlon and over 70 marathon and ultramarathon finishes around the world, including races in Malaysia, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, China, Brazil. South Africa, Germany, Italy, France and Ireland. Tom is a frequent fitness expert on television with appearances on The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, FOX, QVC & HSN.

Twitter: @tomhfit
Instagram: @tomhfit

FitVine Wine AthleteTom Holland