Introducing FitVine Albariño

Introducing FitVine Albariño

The secret is out of the bottle 🍾 and we are thrilled to be welcoming a 👏 BRAND 👏 NEW 👏 WINE 👏 to the FitVine family. Introducing FitVine Albariño!

Our Albariño blends distinctive notes of stone fruit with refreshing citrus hints of lemon and lime. Light, but still boasting a complex flavor profile, this is one of our top spring and summer white wine picks because it's the epitome of refreshing.

To enhance the crisp and cool mineral finish, our Albariño is best served chilled. Whether you are chilling poolside, throwing a BBQ or simply longing for a sublime summer wine moment, we recommend chilling a bottle of Albariño in the fridge for several hours or if you’re in a pinch, chill in the freezer for 30 minutes.

With citrusy flavor cues, FitVine Albariño is sure to make your taste buds dance. It complements fresh seafood dishes, spicy foods and savory tapas. But trust us when we say, there is no shame in enjoying a glass of Albariño on a warm evening as a summer aperitif.

Ready to sip? Shop Albariño by the bottle or by the case!